Zoya Wong

Becoming a SILK clinic owner has given Nurse Zoya the balance that she’s always wanted

Having close to two and a half decades of nursing and medical sales experience, Zoya Wong first began her career in the cardiothoracic surgical ward at Westmead Hospital in Sydney, later becoming a pharmaceutical sales representative for the hospital.

Like many medical professionals working in shifts in the ER, Wong found the lifestyle difficult to balance. “It was just emotionally draining – shift work just didn’t work well with a young family. I felt lost after trying to conceive for seven years and so once I had my boys, I realised I had to change my work and lifestyle.”

Wong left and ended up working part time for reputable clinics in Sydney for several years before beginning contract work at a laser clinic in 2011. She ascended quickly, becoming a top injector at the clinic when an opportunity to purchase the Bondi Junction clinic arose. Seizing the opportunity, Wong grew it into one of the largest laser clinics in the country over the next few years.

However, after losing her sister to breast cancer and facing many of her own health problems, she decided to sell her share of the business. “I also stopped working for 18 months,” she recalled. 

Throughout her professional hiatus however, Wong continued being contacted by clients for work. And, with time and each client request, her passion was reignited, leading her to contact Laser Lounge (LL) to inquire about becoming a franchisee. Later in 2019, SILK took over LL and the business grew exponentially.

“The transition was very easy and effortless,” Wong explained, “SILK was very professional and organised. During COVID-19, I was very impressed with the support and guidance they offered me.” Describing the stresses of running a business especially amid a global pandemic, SILK’s presence helped. “I felt a lot less stressed knowing that I had a huge company behind me guiding me through all the challenges.”

Silk Laser Clinics Franchise Nurse Injector Owners Group

Now, Wong has grown from having one injector and two dermal therapists to three injectors and four dermal therapists. Citing COVID-19, Wong explained that it has helped bolster her business and the industry overall. “We are currently looking at a bigger place. The injecting business has been very busy and we are finding it difficult to keep up.”

Wong also attributed the growth to a shift in public perception and attitudes toward cosmetic enhancements, explaining, “... reality TV, for example, The Kardashians, glamourised cosmetic enhancements. Social media has also allowed people to change the way they can look, which has triggered a lot of curiosity.”

Referencing her two children again, she explained that while going out on her own was daunting at the start, it has given her the balance and lifestyle that she has always wanted. “As a mum, you always feel guilty. [Now], they don’t need me as much but they still need advice,” she explains.

“I’m excited that I can provide both that and financial support to them.” Looking into the future, Wong expressed her excitement, explaining, “I’m passionate about what I do – injecting is my passion, I’m good at it, I have loyal clients and we want to expand … My family is quickly growing up and now, I have more time to myself and to focus on my business.”

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